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The Portaspresso products are not throw-away items and are designed and built to exceptionally high standards. With a little care, there is no reason why they will not last for a lifetime. However, it is recognised that not everyone cares for things as well as they should, and as such, all components are replaceable.

The Rossa Hand Espresso is designed to enable self servicing, but a basic mechanical aptitude is required. Service kits are available, as are the required tools (Standard pin spanners will work if you are careful).

The Rosco Hand Grinder is easily disassembled with standard tools. However, if cared for correctly, it should not require disassembly.

If service is required, please contact service@portaspresso.com


The Portaspresso Specialty Coffee System is designed to deliver the ultimate espresso experience. The instruction manual and information on this website provide very detailed instructions and additional information to assist you in making the perfect espresso. However, if you experience any problems or have any questions, please feel free to ask at info@portaspresso.com